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Dagger Dance

Enjoy mesmerizing dance of beauty & power with Dagger Dance !

Mysterious, dangerous and sensuous, some read it a nod to a tradition of Persian princesses to hide the daggers in their outfits and some - as a play on the ultimate James Bond theme of a beautiful dancer turns a deadly assassin.

This combination of knives, curves and mystery is appreciated by the clients at private birthdays as well as at the big fundraisers and functions. Let Julia's power packed Dagger Dance performance thrill you at your next event.


Julia performed her "Daggers Dance" on 11/13/04 at my Fall Fantasy Belly Dance Ball on Long Island. Her performance was thrilling...There are elements of theatrical surprise in her dance and Julia has a wonderful ability to not only entertain but also to excite her audience. If you're looking for a dramatic presentation, wonderful technique, impeccable rhythm and timing...you've found it.
Renate (of the Harem Belly Dance Studio, LI)


Julia's Dagger Dance is a dynamic performance in a mastery of skill and grace which juxtaposes the mysteries embedded in both power and beauty. Drawing on elements of Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Russian stylings, Julia's movement is reminiscent of warrior dances and cultural folk forms spanning the region. Julia's strong performance presence and focus eludes also to the meditative trainings of Eastern martial arts practices. Julia's performance is a dramatic display of a mesmerizing feminine power.
Athena Najat, dancer. Athens, Greece

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