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Gypsy Belly Dance

The gypsy belly dance style is a broad and liberal interpretation of the performance and folk dances of the 'Gypsy' (more properly called Rom, Roma or Romani) people, primarily from Turkey, Spain, the Balkans, and Egypt.

Gypsy uses the core belly dance moves vocabulary and belly dance techniques of classic bellydance with the addition of other elements, including Roma and Middle Eastern folkloric steps. The dance is known for its passion, exuberance, and high energy.

Vibration, pulse of life is really important. Dance is the language which doesn’t lie. The audience sees this Coming from discipline, tradition and respect of the training.

In the entertainment business the Gypsies were the first professional entertainers since as early as (according some sources) 2,000 BC. They brought excitement and sincerity to the streets and royal courts.

  • Excitement of the spins, embodiment of the music Gypsy features Carnal, primal   attention to the (female) body and what is it capable of.
  • The athletics of the Gypsy dances which encompass the physical limits and boundaries of the body through the intimate bond with the music.
  • Beautiful, exciting, arousing, sexy and sensual, sincere "Like Sex"

You always want to learn and get entertained from the best and the most experienced in the field.


Julia appeared out of the blue and into the neon mists, her arms raised, transforming the atmosphere at Maia with her delightful dance. It was a riveting performance and I sat, my eyes glued to the lovely dancer, swaying, gyrating, in her resplendent costume. At once, I was transported to a world afar, a world of dreams, magical and beautiful. Her face was aglow with the sweetest smile one could imagine. It made me smile in reciprocation...
George T. Sein, New York artist

I can still see (how) Julia was dazzling the audience during Friday night's performance...it was a delicious repertoire of styles and gifts of the dance! I am awe-struck by the power of her stage presence and transformational movement. What a whole wonderful world she created with every cell of her body, mind & soul... Rich, rich, rich stuff � She is LOADED!!
Jeanene Garro, New York actress/Yoga Therapist

I first saw Julia when she danced into the dining room of Turkuaz, a Turkish restaurant on the Upper West Side. What an entrance, and what an entrancing dancer! I'm always on the lookout for dancers with something extra. Julia is graceful and dramatic, and her little bit of mischief really makes the show.
Sally Eckhoff, Saratoga Springs, NY

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