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  • November 16th was a deadline for the article for Italian magazine Speak Up for Italians who learn English. Julia submitted pictures and a brief for the article.

  • November 3rd: Julia was modeling Shahin Designs at the NY Persian Parade Fashion Show.
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  • October: Julia�s Salome dance was featured in the YouTube Book Elogio della Pole Dance (Praise for Pole Dance) by Massimiliano Di Menna
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  • September 29th: Julia was interviewed by Sarah Jacobs for NDTV.
    Video Title: Bollywood Song and dance in New York by Sarah Jacobs.
    Event: Saroj Khan workshops, organized by Institute of Bollywood Dance and Film.
    Venue: Dance New Amsterdam
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  • September: Julia was interviewed by Adam Phillips and Daniela Schrier for the Voice of America about her NY Gypsy Dance Workout.
    Event: NY Gypsy Festival
    Venue: DROM
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  • April: Bare Foot Travel, Mickela Malozzi�s dance travel blog posted a video of NY Persian Parade with Julia and her troupe highlighted in their Kurdish routine and recognized by name.

  • April 15th: Picture of Julia in Azerbaijani costume leading her troupe in dance along the streets of New York featured in Daily News, as the advertisement for the upcoming Persian Parade.
    Article: Free and Cheap NYC for Week of April 15th, 2012 by Sanna Chu
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  • February 17th: Julia performed Russian Gypsy solo at the Andreas Aquino runway show.
    Event: NY Couture Fashion Show Performance on the runway of Couture Fashion Show.

  • February 10th: Julia is photographed by the legendary NY photographer Bill Cunningham for the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times.
    Article: Evening Events: Red, White and New by Bill Cunningham.
    Event: Petrushka Ball.
    Venue: Waldorf Astoria
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  • January 1st: Julia was interviewed by Paula Gloria for MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network)
    Event: JCC Fitness for Everybody
    Venue: Jewish Community center in Manhattan
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Global Union Music Festival 2007. Julia performs with NY Gypsy All Stars
BBC Programm on Polaroid (2008)

QP TV (Queens Public TV):

Talent Gate. 2008 Julia performs at QPTV studios

MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network):

Interviewed by Josh Volinski(2009) and Paula Gloria(2012)
NDTV (Asian TV): Interview by April Zhu (2011) and Sarah Jacobs (2012)

NDTV (India TV):

Interview by Sarah Jacobs in Bollywood related news(2012)


2011 Expand/Collapse
  • November: Bare Foot Travel by MIckela Malozzi posted video blog on Julia’s Dagger Dance performance at the Diwali Celebration at the UN
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  • November 18th: Julia performed at the Diwali Gala at the United Nations Headquarters.

  • July 16th: Dining With Strangers, an on-line blog by a DC journalist Anthony Lacey, who took Julia’s New York Gypsy Dance Workout and interviewed her over dinner at the nearby restaurant. Text, Audio interview, Pictures and a short Video of the Anthony in Julia’s class:
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  • May 5th: Julia performed at Bollywood Night for the United Nations’ SPICE Club.
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  • June 7th: Margo’s Blog entrance about Julia's class
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  • January: NDTV and The Epoch Times: Russian dancer and dance teacher Julia Kulakova is interviewed about Shen Yun Chinese Dance Troupe performance: The Epoch Times
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2010 Expand/Collapse
  • I performed live with Romashka, Via Romen, and Pique Dames as well as at DROM’s Fasil Night with Ismail Luminovskii and Tamer Pinarbasi of NY Gypsy All Stars. Also I presented my student troupe at 10 public events

  • September: Solo performance and choreography presentation on Symphony Space Stage

  • September: World of Colors Press Conference

  • August: Performance for Asian in NY and workshop presentation at Limmud FSU

  • March: Persian Parade, Daily News. Picture of Julia in front of her dance troupe in Persian costume, "brightening up the gloomy day on Madison Avenue".
2009 Expand/Collapse
  • September: Teaching in Moscow at the Open World Training Center.
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  • September: MNN Interview with Julia. I have it on a CD. It has to be edited.

  • July: Julia performed, taught and lectured at the UNESCO Congress on Dance Research

  • May: Julia performed and taught in Italy in Florence for Kasia Jarosz, for Academia di Flamenco of Taranto and for Anima Mundi record label in Otranto
2008 Expand/Collapse
  • October: The Observer (Celeste Regal) published an article about PanoramAsian Dance Project, where Julia performed the part of Persian Goddess Anahita.

  • October 23rd: Julia performs Persian Dance at the United Nations’s World Food Day. Has a picture with Lauren Bush, the FEED charity activist. "Ms. Lauren Bush and Ms. Ellen Gustafson, former World Food Programme Communications gave a short presentation on a charity they co-founded called FEED, designed to raise money to feed school age children in Africa. At the evening, cultural event, about 100 attendees from the UN community, Member States and civil society were treated to a special group of dancers trained in different types of dance and performance of the world to express the rich diversity of Asian culture."
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  • August: The Observer publishes an article on Julia’s dance and teaching career

  • August: Julia’s captured in the promo video for the Indo American Art Council's ERASING BOARDERS FESTIVAL, taking a workshop in Abhynaya and dancing among many people at the open stage
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2007 Expand/Collapse
  • September 16th: Flicker: Global Union Festival with NY Gypsy All - Stars
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  • September: Wisconsin Union. Madison World Music Festival 2007
    "The Thursday night headliner was the New York Gypsy All-Stars Band, reflecting the Festival’s gypsy theme this year. The group, from various locales such as Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Philadelphia, gave a "modern interpretation" of traditional folk music. Performing on the Terrace, the band had a distinct, street musician vibe, both highly energetic and family-friendly. Many people danced near the stage, including parents with their children. A belly dancer added a sensual touch to an already festive show."
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  • September 17th: The Badger Herlald. Music Fest Invites, Delights all (about mini-tour with NY Gypsy All-Stars)
    "..People were euphoric after the Gypsy All-Stars' first song; there was electricity in the air; there was beer dripping off my chin. Lumanovsky made an announcement: "We have a special guest for you tonight...A person is going to appear for you somewhere." The plot thickens! A few minutes later my heart hastened, and I stood at attention: Here before my eyes was a sensuous, curvy and beautiful belly dancer. I, meanwhile, felt the same way I do when I've got seats close to the floor at a college basketball game, and I was sheepishly caught ogling like a Cro-Magnon at the extra-revealed, hoisted-up cheerleaders. By the end of the Gypsy All-Stars concert, the area in front of the stage was populated by very happy dancing people. I was among them, right in front of Lumanovsky, trying my best to pull off some of the moves I learned by intently watching the belly dancer. Did I succeed? Well, I'm 6 foot, 3 inches tall and physically awkward. Draw your own conclusion."
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