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"I like to think of the camera as a dance partner while creating dancing sequences"

If you are a:
  • Record Label

  • Artist or Band that is making a Music Video for airplay on shows on TV, or exposure on Internet such as You Tube, Myspace, and Google Video etc.

  • Filmmaker making a Video Documentary or producing commercial Films;

  • Creative Ad Agencies making corporate promotion ads and info-commercial presentations and looking for exotic themed dances and want someone to do the dance sequence choregraphy or work as dancing model

then look no further.

Julia has created her own unique style of dance. It is culmination of many years of hard work and knowing what really works. Her signature style captures the strength of feminine sexuality.

Her expertise in all forms of dance have enabled her to perform, entertain and choreograph nationally and internationally. Her eye for choreography comes in handy when directing in terms of the whole visualizations required for creating Visual Dance Experiences.

She can be seen in the documentary "Representing Gypsies".

Currently involved in some interesting Bollywood music video projects.

2002 Moulin Rouge DVD Press
Junket. Dancer

DJ Sonik Speed CD Cover Image

She has been part of an interesting project for Direct Marketing Agency. "Main Street Direct" created an animated “BellyDancer” card off Julia’s performance.

We are proud to showcase some of our past high profile events which we were part of and assisted our clients to organise.

Julia Gypsy Dance Animation by Jen Patten: Gypsy Dance- Siki, Siki Baba Project

Music written and performed by Yossef Ben-Meir and Emile Benchabbat
Dancer: Julia Kulakova
Director: Fabio Carli
Filmed in: Casblanca (Morocco) and New York City
Feel your emotions, Live true your passions

  • Julia Kulakova
  • Julia Kulakova
  • Julia Kulakova
  • Julia Kulakova
  • Julia Kulakova

We look forward to learning more about your proposed event. In the interim, if you have any questions, please contact:


  Events Coordinator: events@juliakulakova.com

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