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Organizing Benefits

A charity fundraising dance event can be a wonderful experience. Julia has experience of working on many benefits & fundraising events which combines the socializing and networking that is vital to successful industry functions, while also demonstrating a commitment to youth and local communities.

It's not whether to theme - but "What's your Theme"?

A strong "Theme" for your charity dance creates that element of fun that all fundraising events strive for. And your theme will readily lend itself to co-ordinated promotions, publicity, venue styling and type of entertainment.Entertainment that complements your theme will be key to the overall success of your dance fundraiser.

So what will light the fire under your community and target supporters - which of these tried and tested ideas might bring best results?

Need more inspiration in organizing - Check the past Events gallery and read about some of the themes worked with..like Belly, Bollywood & Gypsy dancing. Each performance is layered with story telling that takes the audience on a journey. You can use these ideas as a springboard for your own event!

I Love Humanity

Panoram Asian Event with Lauren Bush from FEED.

JCC Event
Feel your emotions, Live true your passions

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We look forward to learning more about your proposed event. In the interim, if you have any questions, please contact:


  Events Coordinator: events@juliakulakova.com

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