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Russian Gypsy Dance

Experience Gypsy Dance and let your own gypsy spirit fly free!

Drawing upon a rich tradition of artistic expression, Ancient rhythms Julia performs Gypsy dance for the 21st Century.The Gypsies have always produced highly entertaining art by mixing and matching their original Indian folkloric traditions with the styles and cultures of the countries they traveled through.Enjoy this unique blend of Indian, Persian and Russian stylings in this fiery Russian Gypsy dance.

Julia Kulakova invites its audiences to tap into the muse of the quintessential Gypsy spirit.Audiences will be charmed and entertained with the fire, beauty and grace of a Russian-born Gypsy princess, the passion of a sensuous oriental belly dancer, the manly acrobatics of a sword-wielding Cossack, and musical styles ranging from Spain and Eastern Europe to India and Asia.





The Observer praised Ms.Kulakova�s "Impressive Russian-style Gypsy Dancing" in the article Russia in America: Gypsy Dancing at the Jewish Community Center in August, 2008.

The Observer's editor Celeste Regal labeled Julia Kulakova "The Dancing Dynamo" after seeing her perform her Russian Gypsy dance at the GenR event.

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