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Salome Dance

Salome is an icon of dangerous female seductiveness, notably in regard to the dance mentioned in the New Testament, which is thought to have had an erotic element to it, and in some later transformations it has further been iconized as the dance of the seven veils.

After seeing Julia in a Russian Gypsy dance, Serena Wilson, the icon of American bellydance, set up on her the dance of Salome, the Biblical seductress, known for her Dance of the Seven Veils. It’s a tantalizing blend of Hollywood Oriental fantasy, classical opera, refined ballet moves and sinewy bellydance. Now it is the most watch video on Julia’s YouTube channel.

"I was fortunate to work with the grandmother of American bellydance, Serena Wilson on the Salome dance... It was very challenging to work with a living legend! She asked me to choreograph parts of it, while she directed it musically...but, knowing how opinionated Serena was, I had to bring my suggestions in very diplomatically ;)...Once, after I rolled back and forth in the final madness scene and got up, totally exhausted physically and emotionally, she commented: "Beautiful!"... At that moment I realized how grand of an artist she was - in this number she looked not for the usual risqué context and obvious attractions but for the beauty of the strong human emotions..."


About the Featured Video:
Salome Dance at the Serena's Timeless Reflections.
New York, American Theater of Actors, February 26, 2005.
Dancer: Julia Kulakova
Choreography: Serena Wilson of Serena's Studios

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